Matador Cattle

We use profitable regenerative ranching to raise healthy, stress-free cows and provide our customers with delicious, premium-quality beef.

Cattle Management Philosophy

Our approach

We consciously breed cattle suited for the environment and climate of Southwestern Montana. Nearly all of our calves are born out on the range and become integrated into the landscape, playing a role in the natural ecosystem. Our grazing management approach of intense grazing and long rest periods enables equal opportunity for vegetation species increasing biodiversity in our natural environment and resulting in more balanced animal nutrition in the long run. When the offspring are ready for the next phase, we bring them into intensive rotational grazing areas, where we can monitor nutrition and health more closely in preparation for delivery to our premium customers.


The Matador Ranch Seedstock Program produces high-quality Angus bulls for in-herd use. The program aims to breed bulls that are balanced in maternal and terminal function, developed with longevity in mind, and are genetically and phenotypically uniform.


We manage our cattle using practices that reduce stress. We wean calves using a two-step approach that makes separation from their mothers less traumatic.


Cattle are raised with plenty of open space and graze nutrient-dense, highly diverse grasses.

Brand placement on a steer - Matador Ranch and Cattle