The Matador Community

Our team is an integral part of what we do here. With a wealth of knowledge and combined experience working land and cattle, each team member brings essential skills and insight to Matador Ranch and Cattle Company.

Three Matador Ranch and Cattle cowboys at sunset

Matador Management

Race King, manager of The Selkirk Ranch - Matador Ranch and Cattle
Race King
Selkirk Ranch Manager
Hank Willemsma, manager of The Beaverhead Ranch - Matador Ranch and Cattle
Hank Willemsma
Beaverhead Ranch Manager
Pam Lyford - Matador Ranch and Cattle
Pam Lyford
Head of HR and Compliance

Dillon, Montana

We believe community to be at the heart of ranching and farming. Working with our local organizations is part of the legacy we hope persists for many years to come as we focus on the next generation of youth and the advancement of our agricultural industry. We proudly collaborate with commercial, environmental, and social partners, believing that sharing knowledge benefits us all.

Main Street, Dillon, Montana - Matador Ranch and Cattle

Local Business

MRC is a Beaverhead County Chamber of Commerce member and donates to the Dillon and Lima volunteer fire departments to help with annual operating expenses, new equipment, and facility upgrades.

Montana Western

MRC partners with the University of Montana Western, providing hands-on learning opportunities for students in farming and ranch management classes, ranching internships, and the use of the on-site arena for rodeo practice during the fall and spring seasons.

Dillon Youth

We provide financial assistance to the Dillon Little League Program and the Beaverhead County High School Booster Club. We are proud to be involved with groups that encourage experiential learning for youth by supporting the Beaverhead County 4-H and FFA.

2022 Coordinated Elk Hunt

The Coordinated Elk Hunt was held in cooperation with the Montana FWP during the 2022 general open rifle season. The program's purpose is to provide access to local hunters and those across the state to private agricultural land near the ranch headquarters of Matador Ranch and Cattle.

During the season, MR&C worked with a FWP biologist to reduce and control the overpopulation of elk in the area through controlled hunting access. The elk hunt was an opportunity for young and old hunters to harvest elk and provide meat for their families. In total, 410 elk were harvested, and over 65,000 pounds of meat went into freezers across the state.

The FWP biologist affiliated with the hunt noted that the elk maintained small herd sizes, were more dispersed, and moved more toward their historic grazing areas, which are all positive outcomes. MR&C and FWP are hoping to continue the program for the 2023 season. Interested hunters should check back with the MRC and Montana FWP websites during the late summer for updates.

Winter rangelands on the Matador Ranch and Cattle
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Our gates are open - the knowledge we gain and advancements we make are and will be shared openly with the public and the ranching community.


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